What We Offer

Meeting your needs is our optimal goal. Whether you are building a new home or renovating, we ensure the highest quality of service to integrate the best, but also the most appropriate system/s into your living space! All in a manner that is both artful and comfortable.

We work with you, your designer, or architect to design a system you can enjoy on any scale. From basic systems to impeccable home theater systems, to outdoor music areas, to purist audio rooms for unique music listening, to lighting, shade and climate control.

The process begins with initial meetings to fully understand your preferences and the particulars of your space: room/s size/s, layout, furniture location, lighting design, and artwork placement. next, we form a comprehensive proposal incorporation the best possible system and equipment selection from select brands suitable for you and your space. From invisible to in-wall and free standing speakers, flat screen displays, to lighting, shade and climate control, all operationally efficient and aesthetically harmonious.

We offer all pre-wiring services, system calibration and after-sale maintenance and can create schematics for your system and wiring if necessary. We adjust the project schedule to the needs of your designers and contractors while reviewing each step of your installation. To ensure flawless operation, our in-house specialists do all the programming. Trained technicians install your system and equipment and perform follow-ups with utmost consideration.



  • System design and installation

  • Wiring schematics and pre-wiring service

  • Multi-room audio distribution

  • Audio cables termination and custom interconnects construction


  • System design and installation

  • Wiring schematics and pre-wiring service

  • High definition video distribution

  • Installation of 4K & 8K video projection systems and video displays, video tiles, and more.

  • Articulated, static, and motorized mounting solutions

  • Video cable termination and custom interconnect construction


  • Surround sound systems

  • High definition video projection or flat screen displays

  • Motorized lift mechanisms

  • Custom cabinetry and home theater seating

  • Acoustical room treatment

  • Lighting and shade control


  • Music and video Servers

  • Apple music integration

  • Lighting control

  • Climate and shade control

  • Custom racks and enclosures

  • Structured wiring

  • Voice and data


  • WiFi Access

  • LAN systems and network segmentation

  • Cloud management services

  • VPN