Bauer Audio Service Plans

Why We Offer Service Plans:

It is important when investing in Technology that it remains dependable. For many reasons, any system whether for a home or a business can have unexpected interruptions or failures. In those critical moments having the correct support platform eliminates hassles. Systems that go without service for too long may even require total replacement.

A service plan ensures that any potential problem is resolved quickly, so that your technology is in peak performance when you need it most. We have done our best to envision these plans to address a range of needs more efficiently and cost effectively. 

Support from Bauer Audio will consist of responding to your request for assistance regarding any issues with your system. This will begin by assessing the problem, including steps to help resolve it. If necessary, we will look more deeply into what is causing the problem and take whatever action is necessary. If a site visit is required, we will contact you to schedule an appointment.

A minimum of 6 month enrollment period is required. Changing plans requires 3 weeks advance notice for the change to take effect on the first of the following month. Moving to a higher level plan is permitted before the 6 month period has elapsed.

All monthly payments are via credit card (fees apply) or ACH (automated bank account withdrawal).

Signing up for a plan is not mandatory

We will be happy to provide service to you on an as-needed basis. Any maintenance and troubleshooting via phone, email or site-visit outside the plans will be considered service calls, billable at our standard rates. However, please keep in mind that billing for stand-alone service calls depending on their frequency, could be more costly. We have done our best to envision these plans to address a range of ongoing needs more efficiently and cost effectively. 

When you have decided enter your name, choose your plan, enter your email address, optional comments and hit submit. 


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