Bauer Audio was established in 2001, with the desire to share Martin Bauer’s many years of experience in the world of music, multimedia, and sound engineering. Throughout the years, we expanded into the realm of control, networking and automation, which form parts of all large-scale systems we install today.

As a smaller company, our strength is to fully focus our attention on our client’s needs first and foremost with hands-on special care. The idea is not to treat any one particular space as a standard scenario but as an open and unique one. The process by which our company estimates a project begins with consultation that incorporates meticulous attention to the designed space and the client’s individual vision directed by our own vast and diverse expertise.

Allied with some of the best architects and designers, our company is in tune with modern and contemporary design, so that beyond providing excellent technical solutions, we have produced some highly aesthetic systems. Ultimately it is not just about the high tech equipment, but how that equipment is integrated into a living space in an artful, user-friendly and comfortable manner. From impeccable home theater systems, to outdoor music areas, to purist audio rooms for unique music listening, to lighting, shade and climate control.

We know the importance of collaboration and teamwork! We have accumulated impeccable communication skills to diligently and effectively work with everyone involved, in a project from start to finish without ever dropping the ball. We remain accountable to our responsibilities no matter what the scale and or unforeseen shifts, challenges, and arising pressures. We understand the complexity of coordination and are committed to being aligned with all team members, at all times, from the designer, to architect/s to contractor/s, electricians, project managers and household staff so that we can contribute to all of us enjoying a more harmonious process doing what we love.

 The process begins with initial meetings to fully understand your preferences and the particulars of your space: room/s, size/s, layout, furniture location, lighting design, and artwork placements. Next, we form a comprehensive proposal incorporating the best possible system and equipment from select brands suitable for you and your space.

 We offer pre-wiring services and wiring schematics for all systems. We adjust the project schedule to the needs of your designers and contractors while reviewing each step of the installation. To ensure flawless operation our in-house specialists do all the programming. Trained technicians install your system and equipment and perform follow-ups with utmost consideration.

In order to streamline installation, maintenance, and integration of motorized shades, centralized lighting, climate control, access and AV technologies we have successfully partnered with the most cutting-edge automation solution companies. We offer state of the art audio and video systems, incorporating brands like Stewart Filmscreen, Digital Projection, Kaleidescape, Triad speakers, Leon speakers, and more.