Customers with Bauer Audio systems under contract warranty are already enrolled in the basic plan.

This is the most basic of our service plans, offering limited support. You are invited to opt for the other two service plan options, which provide more benefits.

Response time via Phone and Email Support At this level, response time to requests received for support will vary, and may take up to 48 hours depending on availability of our technicians; only during business hours (Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, excluding weekends and all holidays).

Power Reboot Many problems with your system can be resolved by our technicians rebooting your equipment remotely, or by creating custom auto-reboot schedules where a device will simply reboot on its own at a given time when you are not using it, thus minimizing the need for costly service calls. *Specialized equipment is required.

Product Warranty If your system includes select equipment under the original manufacturer's warranty, Bauer Audio will take the necessary steps to work with the manufacturer to either replace or repair the equipment. These warranties do not cover costs of site visits for the removal, re-installation, firmware updates, loaner items, shipping and handling fees for any defective components. 

*The purchase and installation of specialized equipment from Bauer Audio is required in order to make use of certain options outlined. Bauer Audio will provide a free assessment to determine if your system has the necessary infrastructure and equipment to enable these features, if so, nothing more is required. If not, Bauer Audio can provide a quote for the equipment and installation costs. Pricing will vary based on your system configuration. 



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